AVOID Gustavo Moscoso of cuenca ecuador

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I was recommended this shop, as i wanted something different made, and no shop that i went to in cuenca seemed to be able to make it, well when i arrived at gustavo moscoso aka GM they immediately said they can make it, and it would be fantastic.they told me 15 days and it will be ready, well 27 days later after calling repeatedly and being avoided, not having my emails returned(although they returned every call and email before i gave them money) i finally had some friends go down to meet gustavo, who first said he was there, then his employees said he was in the back office, then all of a sudden they claim he is 8 hours away in another city.he screens his calls as if he were a drug dealer or the new bernie madoff.

finally after much dispute and argument and threatening, they agreed to return my money and my garment i gave them to alter. but said the factory is FARRRR away ,like 4 hours and they would have to do it tomorrow. after more arguments and threats,they told me to come back in 2 hours. when we got back ,they had the money and my garment which was untouched after 27 days of waiting...so much for being 4 hours away....they are liars....

they promise the world and deliver a pebble....other fabric stores in the city have told me that they are too expensive and their work is tereble.... but i cannot verify their work,as they never made a thing for me. but their service is tereble...

the store looks good, the clothes look good, they have their logo on every single item in the store which makes it seem so much like a miami beach tailor shop...but its all sizzle , no beef.

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